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  A.O.S. 96 was established in 2010. Local towns joined together to more efficiently serve students and tax payers. The Alternative Organizational Stucture consists of the towns of Cutler, East Machias, Jonesboro, Machias, Machiasport, Marshfield, Northfield, Roque Bluffs, Wesley, Whiting, Whitneyville.

Shared Services- the A.O.S. structure allows for use of shared services by all 11 member towns for their schools.

One of the shared services is that of our Curriculum Coordinator, Mitchell Look. Mitchell works out of the Central Office and is also the principal of the Wesley School.

Special Education Services are shared as well. These services are managed by Mary Maker who also works from the Central Office.

Please be sure to click on a link to visit each of the schools.

Bay Ridge Elementary
| Elm Street | Fort O'Brien Elementary | Jonesboro Elementary |Machias Memorial High |Rose M. Gaffney Elementary
Whiting Village | Wesley Elementary

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Our Schools

Bay Ridge Elementary School

Elm Street Elementary School

Ft. Obrien Elementary School

Jonesboro Elementary School

Machias Memorial High School

Rose M. Gaffney Elementary School

Wesley Elementary School

Whiting Village Elementary School